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We repair and sell most types of vacuum cleaners including canisters, uprights, robot vacuums, stick vacuums, and handheld vacuum cleaners. We provide replacement parts, vacuums tune up and service, carper washer repair, and vacuum maintenance for most vacuum brands.

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Centennial TV Vac Sew More Vacuum carries many well-known name brands including Eureka Vacuum Cleaners which are great at filtration for cleaner indoor air. With a business mission to get their customers the best vacuum for the best price, Centennial TV Vac Sew More Vacuum will not sell the “disposable/discount” vacuums just to make a quick dollar.

We make every effort to provide their customers with the vacuum that has the correct motor for their square footage, the correct features for your needs; and within the price range you wish to pay.

We service and warranty what we sell. Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service should be done annually if you are a pet owner or have a busy household.

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