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Kirby Vacuum Repair Center for parts bags and tune ups

We repair and sell most types of vacuum cleaners including canisters, uprights, robot vacuums, stick vacuums, and handheld vacuum cleaners. We provide replacement parts, vacuums tune up and service, carper washer repair, and vacuum maintenance for most vacuum brands. Vacuum Cleaner Repair. Uprights, Canisters, Bagless

Great, you bought a machine that should last a lifetime but now where do you find a Kirby dealer for Kirby vacuum repairs? Come in and feel free to borrow a loaner vacuum while we service and maintain your vacuum sweeper for you. We offer:

  • Fast Turn Around (1 to 7 Day Average)
  • All user replacements parts In-Stock (Bags, Belts, Cords)
  • Reasonable Pricing ($55 to $95 Average Tune-Up)
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Experts ( In business since 1981)
  • Guaranteed Work (up to 1 Year Warranty on work)
  • Factory Parts and we will return old parts upon request

Kirby Vacuum Bags

 if you are having trouble identifying your bag or bring the machine in we are at 6323 S Santa Fe Dr between the Hudson Gardens and the Denver Seminary on South Santa Fe.

We Stock all the Kirby vacuum bags and we can educate you on picking the right bag especially if you are an allergy sufferer. Kirby has developed new HEPA cloth bags that allow for better filtration of dust and allergens out of the air.

Kirby Vacuum Bags Colorado

Kirby Vacuum Timeline

Kirby vacuum cleaners have been around for over a century now starting back in 1906 and the Kirby company was established in 1914. Kirby vacuums are identified by their models usually notated by a generation series. Kirby vacuums construction most recently has consistently relied on the direct motor technology. This design is very effective but also requires much maintenance when not properly used. Kirby vacuum repairs usually consist of belt replacements, inner bag tube replacements, fan assembly repairs and since the units usually weigh no less than 20 pounds they often have a direct drive system that assists the user to push the vacuum cleaner back and forth, this component needs service as well.

The latest vacuum model made by the Kirby company is the Sentria and there are many of their generation 3 and heritage series models still in use that were produced in the early 1980’s (1984-1987).

Most vacuum cleaner machines with mechanical components and moving parts eventually have enough wear and tear and need repair or a tune up. We service Kirby vacuum cleaners in the Denver metro and stock all parts, belts, bags, brush rollers as well as attachments and cords.

Kirby Ezee vacuum Circa 1914
Kirby Ezee vacuum Circa 1914
Kirby Vacuum 1
Kirby 1C Circa 1934
Kirby Heritage
Kirby Heritage Circa 1984
Kirby Sentria
Kirby Sentria Circa 2006


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