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We repair and sell most types of vacuum cleaners including canisters, uprights, robot vacuums, stick vacuums, and handheld vacuum cleaners. We provide replacement parts, vacuums tune up and service, carper washer repair, and vacuum maintenance for most vacuum brands.

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Riccar Vacuum Repair Littleton

Riccar Vacuum Repair LittletonThese are the Vacuum cleaners that came from the professional world.
As we all know, there are thousands of vacuum cleaners available in the market. However, professional always advise to buy these. I will tell you why the professionals recommend these vacuum cleaners.

Riccar America is doing their business for more than 25 years of supplying quality household appliances through their large dealer network. They display their entire product rang through the dealer network. They sell top quality commercial and household consumer products which are brought from the best manufacturers. Hence, they always come with useful as well as the latest features. Authorized Riccar retailers always provide quality service. These approved dealers provide follow-up guidance, spare parts, service, warranty work, and other services required by a specialized product.
Riccar vacuum cleaners are always come with the highest standards, wonderful designs and reliability. Hence, they have great cleaning abilities and special features.
Working out of California, Riccar is a producer and supplier of its own range of vacuum cleaners in the United States. Five manufacturing facilities are managed shore to shore to supply their products to dealers immediately. Riccar’s manufacturing plant is located in St. James, Missouri. It is the place that many of their vacuum cleaners are assembled.