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How to Insert batteries into Miele Cat & Dog LED handle

  1. Loosen the screws on the cover.
  2. Press down on both sides of the cover to remove.
  3. Take out the battery holder and insert the three batteries supplied making sure they are inserted correctly.
  4. Replace the batter holder in the direction of the arrows on the holder and battery compartment, so that both line up.
  5. Replace the cover and tighten the screws.

Inserting batteries into the LED handle illustration 2

Inserting batteries into the LED handle illustration 1

source: Miele USA

How To Change the Miele S8 Filter Bag

When to change the filter bag

Change the filter bag when the colored marker in the airflow indicator completely fills the display in red.

Filter bags are disposable and are designed to be used only once. Dispose of full filter bags. Do not attempt to reuse. Clogged pores reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

Miele S8 Airflow Indicator Ilustration

Check the airflow indicator

  • Attach the standard floor brush, AllTeQ or AirTeQ to the vacuum cleaner. All other suction tools may affect the function of the airflow indicator.
  • Switch the vacuum cleaner on and select the highest power level.
  • Lift the floor brush slightly off the floor. If the marker completely fills the indicator window, the filter bag needs to be changed

How the airflow indicator works

The airflow indicator is designed to show when the bag is full of common household dust and measures the amount of air flow through the filter bag. Normal household dust is a mixture of dust, hair, carpet fluff, threads, sand, etc.

However, if fine dust, such as drill dust, sand, plaster or flour is vacuumed, the pores of the filter bag may become blocked. The marker will indicate that the bag is “full” even when it is not. The filter bag should be changed as the suction power is greatly reduced.

If the bag is bulging with pet fur, hair, carpet fluff, etc. the indicator may not register “full”. This is because the air flow of the filter bag may still be high enough not to activate the marker to show maximum. The filter bag should still be changed.

How to change the filter bag

  1. Lift the release button and open the dust compartment lid upwards until it clicks into place.Miele S8 Dust Compartment Ilustration
    The filter bag has a flap that automatically closes to prevent dust from escaping when the bag is removed.
  2. Grasp the collar and remove the filter bag from the holderRemove Filter on a Miele S8 Vacuum Ilustration
  3. Insert the new filter bag into the blue holder as far as it will go. Note: Do NOT unfold the filter bag when you take it out of the box.Miele S8 Vacuum Bag Illustration
  4. Unfold the filter bag in the dust compartment when possible.
  5. Now close the dust compartment lid until it clicks into place, take care not to catch the filter bag in the lid. If you do not insert a replacement filter bag, the dust compartment lid is designed not to close. Do not use force!

Source: Miele S8 Owner Manual


When it comes to the cleaning world, Dyson Vacuum cleaners have left a very significant mark and a very strong reputation over the past years. Their machines have provided great cleaning services with that will never disappoint and will always get your cleaning jobs done. One machine by them that will amaze you is the Dyson DC 25 Animal upright vacuum cleaner. This is one vacuum cleaner that I call the cleaning animal due to the various amazing features that it has. This one cleaning machine will get to the top of your shopping list without doubt once you visit all its features.
Dyson  Vacuum Repair LittletonThis machine is the best suitable one for homes that love pets and keep them. So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your home to eliminate and clean all pet hairs then you have found one. It has the brush bar which consists of very powerful bristles that efficiently clean all pet hair and any dirt on your surfaces leaving them sparkling clean. This you can use to clean areas such as your car, stairs and couches among others where your pet frequents. Are all your pet related cleaning problems now solved? Of course yes!
How efficient is it in cleaning? This cleaning animal has a 16 foot telescopic wand whose main function is to attract dirt particles towards it. Once that is done the Root Cyclone Technology feature takes charge and sucks all the dirt inside the machine through spinning thus you can rest assured that it will never lose suction and cases of clogging will be a thing of the past. How better can life get, well that is that a drop in the ocean. Dyson vacuum cleaners always have a unique feature known as the Ball technology which makes this machine easy to maneuver around with since it has no restricting wheels but a ball for movement.

A common feature that you should look out for when shopping for your vacuum cleaner is that it should be lightweight for easy movement around your house. Well this cleaning animal is lightweight therefore in addition to all the features that makes it easily mobile, this drives that point home. How hygienic is this vacuum cleaner? Well this machine has a1/3 gallon hygienic bin. What does this mean? This means that the bin where the collected dust and dirt is deposited is put in a way that during removal for emptying you cannot get into contact with the dirt therefore all your hygiene troubles are over.
Vacuum Repair LittletonIn conclusion to assure you of your money this vacuum cleaner comes with a 5 year warranty. What else can you wish for? Therefore you can be really assured that your money will not go down the drain in case of any issue with your machine. Try these cleaning animal today to experience these and many more features all packed ready for you .For more information you can go online and read buyers’ reviews on this vacuum cleaner to really hear it from them. Try it today!

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