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Miele HomeCare Vacuum Cleaners Littleton

Miele HomeCare Dealers offer product expertise and an optimal shopping experience and personalized consultation:

  • Individualized service
  • Exclusive vacuum cleaners with exclusive features
  • Ongoing support after sale
  • Test out products in store

The exclusive Miele HomeCare lineup  is not available online or in the big box stores.

Miele HomeCare Lineup

Miele canisters and upright HomeCare vacuum cleaners line

The Miele HomeCare Collection includes the Dynamic U1 HomeCare upright vacuum cleaner, as well as five canister vacuums: The Classic C1 HomeCare, the Compact C1 HomeCare, the Complete C3 HomeCare, and the Complete C3 Pure Suction HomeCare, and the CX1 bagless HomeCare. The canister vacuums lineup include variety of floorheads.

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