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What vacuum is best for hardwood floors and rugs?


The best bagless vacuum for rugs and hard floors is the Miele Blizzard Turbo Team bagless canister vacuum. The New Blizzard lineup from Miele come with a life Gore Filter that can self clean itself ensuring maximum suction power. This vacuum is lightweight and suitable hard floors and low, medium-pile carpeting

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VDTA/SDTA Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association Trade Show (this is the International Marketplace for the Vacuum & Sewing Industries), was a 3 day event held from March 24 – 26, 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center. This was a wholesale show for the independent retailers who sell portable and central vacuums, sewing machines, fabrics, quilting equipment and supplies for all industries. Video Link.

Video Transcription

Hello vacuumers this is More Than Vacuums and we are here with the Blizzard bagless system, this is the new lineup of bagless canisters from Miele in the USA and this specific model is the Turbo Team version, so this blue model is the Turbo Team.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners Color Options

I get asked this a lot,  the colors that Miele uses for each individual model are unique, so the white models consistently right now are the cat and dog models, the blue here is going to be the turbo team, and then, within the blizzards lineup, they’re also going to have a black version,  which you can watch a video about. We’ll be having a video about that one and it’s called the Electro+, and then red is pretty consistently going to be the HomeCare lineup.

Miele Blizzard Turbo Team Features and Accessories

On the turbo team besides all the unique features that the bagless systems come with, across the board, with the Blizzard lineup, you’re going to get the standard 4 suction setting options, the on/off and comfort feature here, with the bagless bin on the bottom, watch any of our other videos and you can kind of get the details about that.  

STB 305 Head Turbo Tech Head

We’re just going to highlight some of the unique features with this one, so with the new Turbo Team model you’re going to get the new updated turbo tech head.  So this is the STB 305 head, this is the latest and greatest in the turbo heads from Miele, and really this is a great head for anybody that has a majority of hard floors and a couple rugs and low pile carpets, maybe in the bedrooms, it’s an excellent option, the ratchet design on this telescoping wand is smooth, it feels by far the best out of any one that I’ve used or tested on a vacuum cleaner in the past. It’s very very easy to adjust the length, you can go all the way flat under furniture so if you wanted to reach really high underneath there you can go under the king-size bed, the couch, the sofa, you can also disconnect this piece and park it on the machine here on the back.

Vacuum Hose

I’m going to show you here is, if you ever have a clog you can quickly detach this here, you can detach it there on the base of the machine (and sometimes you need two hands), and now you’ve got a straight shot to the hose so you can remove like a bobby pin or a doggie treat or whatever got lodged in there.

Vortex Design

A new and unique design that you’ll see on their suction models is, if you look here (and I’ll see if I can kind of), you can see behind my fingers the end that connects to the actual canister is narrower than the end that actually connects at the handle and this is called the Vortex design. We’ve seen this on some of the other manufacturers, it’s the first time I’m seeing it introduced by Miele but basically the diameter of the opening, you can see is much larger, it’s a couple  millimeters off to allow better air flow and reduce clogs, so that is a pretty cool feature that they’ve integrated into their new suction machines

Dusting Brush

Also a new feature that Miele is doing is this integrated dusting brush, so you can actually get the dusting brush right there and pull it back when you’re not using it.

Other Tools

The other tools are actually going to be onboard so you’ll see you’ve got your upholstery tool right there nice and small, and you’ve got your crevice tool right there so you can do your nooks and crannies.

SBB 300 Head

This machine will also come with the SBB 300 head, I love this head it’s great for hard floors, this head is perfect for use on hard surfaces, tile, anything that has grout because there’s no wheels on the bottom so you’ll see it’s actually a very smooth surface with natural bristles, and you’ve got these large channels to allow larger debris, so if you’re picking up like Cheerios or cat litter or anything it doesn’t snow plow it and when I mean by snowplows a lot of times the dust and dirt just collects at the front and it never actually gets sucked in but these channels allow that larger stuff to get sucked into the air path.

Otherwise watch all of our videos about the blizzard lineup subscribe if you haven’t already and leave comments below if there’s something you’d like to see us feature on this channel otherwise happy cleaning.

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